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March 27, 2012
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A Page of Herbie's Life by Herbie-and-Company A Page of Herbie's Life by Herbie-and-Company
Thank you for being a part of my life. ^^

((That's a BIG pic. Inspired to do this after listening to this song [link] ))

Herbie's family in the veggie kingdom: Bloomette, her baby sister, Zombie Man, her highschool buddy and her one-man-muscle-man crew, Ben the tomato Butler and Chives, Herbie's precious baby onion monster.

:iconaskkisathedemonqueen: Rogue royalty from the underworld. Herbie sometimes forgets she's a queen.
:iconaskstrawberryprncss: Kisa's best bud, Herbie's source of news and her favorite strawberry lover
:iconask-prince-pumpkin: A highschool buddy and Herbie's Bestfriend number1a. Used to had strong feelings for him, but ultimately let him go when he began to date Carmel Apple.
:iconaskprincehoneybee: A highschool buddy and Gordie's best bud. Herbie admires his calmness
:iconask-the-mint-twins:'s Peppermint "Pep" Princess, Herbie's bestfriend number1b. Her "Bussom Buddy"
:iconask-princess-lily: Herbie's ballerina friend and childhood friend of Gordie. Herbie admires her calmness, and totally ships her with Nicoli.
:iconaskmaiden: Herbie's childhood friend. A Pyromancing, life-size ball jointed doll. Currently eyeing on Pep.
:iconaskporcie: Baby sister of Maiden. Into ponies and loved by her kingdom.
:iconaskstelera: Herbie's thief friend. Previously troubled, yet currently adjusting away from thievery. Herbie admires her determination a lot.
:iconaskserina: Herbie's other thief friend. She tries to look after her, but Serina's "too awesome" to be handled. They're both good friends.
:iconasktherabbitprince: Herbie's favorite "cutie". Loves the fact that he's "fun-sized".
:iconasktheidiot: Rarely encounters each other, but Herbie still likes that fact that she looks after Porcie. Currently unaware that Kirsche's a human.
:iconaskthespaz: Same position as Kirsche's, but knows the Bunny royalties. She heard all about her through them.
:iconaskprincessonion: Currently befriending her, but instant likes everything about her. Especially the fact that she's a veggie person.
:iconaskjanetthehuman: Herbie loves to tease her, and she back at her.
:iconasktheswanprincess: The most graceful ballerina Herbie knows next to Lily. Admires her natural beauty.
:iconaskcarmelapple: Herbie's apple friend and previously her rival for Gordie's affection. Was jealous of her easy closeness to him, but respects her feelings and still loves her as a friend. Herbie gave Gordie up for her.
:iconaskgrendella: A monster monster friend and "mother" of Chives. Herbie loves her natural adorableness.
:iconask-waffle-wizard: Herbie's estranged wizard friend. Knows everything about waffles.
:iconask-diedrick-slave: a demon friend that used to visit her kingdom. Herbie hadn't heard from him for a while.
:iconask-scary-princess: A mirror gremlin and scream eater. Herbie used to be uneasy around her, but she got around.
:iconaskprincesspanties: Herbie's "teacher" on all things underwear. Learned what's a "bra" from her.
:iconask-sam-liz: met the two after Porcie introduced them to her. Finds Sam an interesting fellow to have around.
:iconaskkennythewarrior: founder of a clan known as Brotherhood of Ooo, and Herbie's trusted weaponsmith. She constantly look after him in more than one occasion.
:iconask-punkprincess: Herbie's new friend and a bit troubled. She has no problem sharing her thoughts with Violet.
:iconaskava: An inventor and a bit of an oddball. Herbie loves her whackiness and often surprises her.
:iconask-raggdeyservant: met him at a "random encounter" and instantly loved his company. Unaware of his removable "s-cock"...until she saw it.
:iconask-button: met her with Bloomette. Bloomette's sudden friend.
:icontoshithewolf:'s Savage: More than once mistook him for a dog. A flame beast that visits her kingdom and gets in a lot of trouble with her harvests.
:iconelemental-zoro: and Diddle: two adventurers that sometimes lives with Herbie. Bloomette likes Zoro's company, but Herbie's frustrated with Diddle.
:iconask-edwin: A cyborg that's currently befriend herbie.
:iconaskspumoni: met him after hearing about him at a poker game. Herbie likes him in an instant and willing to put aide her dislike for sweets just to befriend him more.
:iconasktedthebear: Herbie's party pal and described by her as an awesome "party god".
:iconfaclessnobody:'s Margo: A sudden bird princess that Herbie met, but likes her wit, despite her demure nature. Currently adventuring with her.
:iconask-princess-penny: A uptight money princess that herbie loves to tease around. Calls her "Penpen".
:iconasknadroj: A strange man that accompanies Herbie from time to time. Herbie sometimes look after him more.

Herbie and the gang thanking everyone who had been an important part of her life so far. I tried to fit everybody, but yeah, small paper, small scanner, tiny details ^^; Anyone I've missed, apologies. but it's been a busy week. ^^;

Here's to all of you who made Herbie's life whole for a year! LONG LIVE THE VEGGIE KINGDOM!

Herbie, Bloomette, Ben, Chives and Zombie man (c) :iconhewhowalksdeath:

Adventure time (c) Pen Ward
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