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By :iconthegreatwarrior:


1) Choose 2-10 characters who are in a relationship.

2) Don't change the questions.

3) Let your characters answer.

4) Tag 5-10 people:

5) Have fun.


:bulletwhite: Bit

:bulletpurple: Herbie

(NOTE: this interview will get kinkier by the minute. Or at least as kinky as I can. If you're sensitive, please leave Hogwarts!)


1) Who are you? Age / race?

:bulletwhite: Hi! I'm Bit Springsong. 22 year old Musician. That's the Species Musician, not the occupation!

:bulletpurple: And I'm Herbie Springsong~ 23 year old Plantoid Hybrid!

2) Now who's your lover? Whats his/her age/race?

:bulletwhite: That'll be my wife...who happens to be sitting next to me in this room! Say hello, Herbie

:bulletpurple: *giggle* "Hello, Herbie!"

3) What makes your lover so special?

:bulletwhite: Well, apart from the obvious *points to Herbie's chest*, she's a strong willed woman who just can't be stopped. Lively, curious, funny, strong and best of all, despite having the goods and the look that'll have her the best man in the world, she chose to marry me instead, a little blue dork.  I have to be the luckiest guy in New Ooo, right now.

:bulletpurple: *giggles a bit more before kissing Bit on the cheek* You ARE the best man in the world.

 Well, you just saw how cheesy and "adorkable" my husband is but despite it, he's very loyal and sweet. Even if the tough's going tougher, you can always count on him to be on your side. That, and he's cute for a nerd~! *pinches Bit's cheeks*

:bulletwhite: O-ow! *laughs* Herbie!

4) Have you ever doubt your lover?

:bulletwhite: Again, she married me. A nerd. The least popular guy in his brother's band! The kind of guy nobody beefy would want their girl and/or daughters to be dating cuz he looks pretty lame. If she can love me despite all that, I think I can trust her enough!

:bulletpurple: Bit's too honest here to be doubted. Besides, if he's lying, I can tell. (he has this habit of glancing to his right whenever he does!)

:bulletwhite: No I don't!...*glances to the right*

:bulletpurple: There it goes.

5) Have you ever used pick up lines on your lover? Which ones?

:bulletwhite: I..never used one. If anything, she picked me up...cuz on the first time I met her, I was mauled by a rabid duck and she helped me up!

:bulletpurple: That, and everytime you try to hit me during Royalty School, you chickened out.

:bulletwhite: You hang out with a vampire and a werewolf, Herbie! A Goth and a Punk respectively!

:bulletpurple: Yep, I ruled the hallways, baby~! XD

:bulletwhite: *sigh* natural born leader 9u9

6) Which is the most embarrassing moment you've had with your lover?

:bulletwhite: Uh...does the first time we "do it" counts?

:bulletpurple:Hun, pick another.

:bulletwhite: Well, there was that time on our honeymoon...

:bulletpurple: Oh! Was this the time you and I did it on the beach at night and then we woke up with our clothes missing? And then we spent the entire morning looking for seaweed, kelp and starfishes to create some clothes before more people came?

:bulletwhite: Uh, actually, I was gonna share the time you and I brought a birthday shower gift to a family friend only to find out the kid's 12, but yeah, that's...that's something worth mentioning...

:bulletpurple:You can't keep him down the entire time so I have to make sure you walk behind me so people won't notice.

:bulletwhite: Honey, light of my life, let's keep this interview as PG-13 as possible.

Besides, we were butt-naked on the beach. In public. That can be a turn on!

7) Do you believe in sex after marriage?

:bulletwhite: A-actually, we had sex before...marriage so...kinda?

:bulletpurple: Least our gods approved!

8) Do you have any sexual desires that you would like to try with your lover? If you do then what is it?

:bulletwhite: ...w-w-what do you mean?

:bulletpurple: I always wanted to do it on a table.

:bulletwhite: ...

:bulletpurple: ...without food, this time!

:bulletwhite:  ._. question, please!

9) What really turns you on?

:bulletwhite: I really need to answer- (glances a bit at his wife's chest*)

:bulletpurple: Phsaw, he's shy~

10) Do you know your lover's weak spot? Does he/she know yours?

:bulletwhite: ...*whispers* it's her side~ she's very ticklish ~

:bulletpurple: If you touch his ears a bit, you can hear him mewl at you! UuO

11) What happens if you find your lover with another man/woman? How would you interpret that? Familiar? Friend? Cheating?

:bulletwhite: Well, Herbie has more male friends than girls so I think it's not so unusual for me to see her hanging out with one. Besides, she's not too good at cheating.

:bulletpurple: This guy easily figured out that one time I "cheated" on him that it was a joke. (pretty cool actually) Anywho, I happen to live with one of Bit's Exes back in the kingdom and we're pretty rad, but we both agree on one thing: he's still shy around girls unless we're around. :shake:

:bulletwhite: H-HEY!

12) Any fantasy with your lover? Pervy answers allowed.

:bulletwhite: Um...does Geek X Cheerleader roleplays count?

:bulletpurple: No, hun.

:bulletwhite: Oh...

:bulletpurple: Wait, is it?

13) Ever had fights?

:bulletwhite: Well, duh!

:bulletpurple: We had occasional fights, like what to name our kids, Bit's unhealthy diet of crazy fries, remembering what color my late pet monster's eyes are! (the one before I got Chives)

:bulletwhite: Herbie, for the last time, we weren't going out when Jeremy died! You were dating Gordie then!

:bulletpurple: BUT I TOLD YOU WHAT IT WAS!...wait, does Jeremy even had eyes?

:bulletwhite: Next!


14) How was the love confession?

:bulletwhite: Painful. I had to fight Herbie's psycho ex boyfriend before I get a got a clearing to tell her!

:bulletpurple: He was a woman eating demon...Literally!

:bulletwhite: But totally worth it!

:bulletpurple: And then we dated for two years, then we got engaged! Oh and then we got married a year later, remember that, hun?

:bulletwhite: Herbie, we got hitched 2 months ago, yes I remember! *kisses Herbie's forehead*

15) How do you feel about your lover's family members? Do you know them?

(both fell silent. they suddenly remember that one time both of their mothers tries to give them tips on doing it on the bed)

:bulletwhite: :bulletpurple: O_O...NEXT QUESTION!

16) Speaking of families, do you wish to start one together?

:bulletwhite: When we're read-


:bulletwhite: Herbie, I thought we agreed on two kids, a boy and a girl?

:bulletpurple:I know, I know, but who can tell, right? I mean, can you say one of them's gonna be a boy?

:bulletwhite: I has to be! It must! And I will teach him how to play ball and play video games and collect bugs for fun and build model rockets and build models of the Taj Mahal and draw awesome comics and teach him about comics first and-

17) We're finished! What are you going to do now? 

:bulletpurple: Hey Bit, ever wonder what would happen if we caught both of our respective Exes doing it on our bed back at home?

:bulletwhite: That would be awkward- wait, what?


Herbie-and-Company's Profile Picture
Herbie and her Wonderful Friends
Wat Up? I'm the Herbal Princess and welcome to the Kingdom of The Olden Woods, an ancient forest surrounded by mythical critters and deities that really hates you! (lol, kidding, most of them hates you for ruining the planet. pfft)

I live on top of my own kingdom, a giant hollowed out tree stump turned greenhouse where I grow my "subjects" (average non-sentient fruits, veggies, grain and other plantables), inside a cottage with my Musician (the species, not the profession) husband Bit, my little sister Bloomette, my tomato butler Ben, my sidekick and experiment Zombie Man (literally a zombie man) and my wittle baby Onion Monster Chives! We also have Bloomette's exotically hot Coal Prince boyfriend, Edmund, visit us occasionally, along with some other lovable weirdos...

We're technically a family, luving each other and whatnot, and we have adventures 24/7, in varying levels of craziness. Ever seen a volcano erupt with hamsters instead of lava? We'd seen that...

Go ahead and ask us some Qs! We'll be happy to answer it all...or not...yeah, we'll try and answer it all! Just not immediately! ^^;

I'f you wanna know the main man behind me, check out :iconhewhowalksdeath: for more non-question related art!...which is mostly crap...

Under Construction Yo!

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