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A Herbie Halloween 2014 by Herbie-and-Company
A Herbie Halloween 2014
Bit: Seriously, your character looks ridiculous with those things in front of her! >8D
Herbie: Yeah? Well, least I improved her! Unlike you, Non-Manly McMannington!
Bloomette: You really think I look good in a feathery-bodysuit?
Edmund: Babe, you filled in real nice! Yes, yes you do.
Ever dressed out for Halloween as your sound-alikes? Bet you can't guess all of them!

Herbie, Bit, Edmund and Bloomette (c) :iconherbie-and-company:
A New Kirk Halloween by Herbie-and-Company
A New Kirk Halloween
Black Cats and Goblins
And Broomsticks and Ghosts,
Covens of Witches with All of Their Hosts.
You May Think They Scare Me
You're Probably Right,
Black Cats and Goblins in Halloween Night

Happy Trick Or Treatin' With Raine and Chris

Life In New Kirk (c) :iconherbie-and-company:
Life In New Kirk: The Image Consultant 2 by Herbie-and-Company
Life In New Kirk: The Image Consultant 2
October: Ms. Bruin, Katy Perry's "revealing" Wedding Gown in that one episode of Sesame Street has nothing compared to your get up...

Sometimes, being an Image Consultant also means pointing out the painfully obvious around dense-headed celebrities. Not sure if I should censor this, though. Nothing revealing except for some squished boobs...

Julie Bruin (c) Warner Brothers
Life In New Kirk (c) :iconherbie-and-company:</b>
Life In New Kirk: The Image Consultant by Herbie-and-Company
Life In New Kirk: The Image Consultant
A bit of October's history.

She was living an independent life in the city, working a successful job as an Image Consultant for aspiring celebrities, mostly for actors and actresses, spending a good three years building up a reputation, a love life and a steady lifestyle. All changed when she discovers her boyfriend cheating on her and was plotting murder to inherit her wealth, nearly killing her as he starts a fire in her apartment.

She was able to get out saving a few important documents which luckily secures her wealth. Though the culprits was soon captured and charged, the experience was overwhelming for October, giving her a slight pyrophobia and unable to concentrate at her work. This is when she decided to book a trip to a small town in New Kirk, a city in Ohio, via home exchange program and met Lou, an eccentric 22 year old man-child with a steady paying job as a phone line tech support living a now independent life after his roommate was arrested when the cops found out he was a drug mule. Initially they were neighbors and October wasn't too keen with befriending him, but after spending some time with him and his friends around town, she begins to wonder if this might be the fresh start she was looking for.

When the exchange program ends, October made up her mind and decided to move in to New Kirk, with Lou renting out his house to her. She still continues her job as an Image Consultant, though now doing her work around Ohio in a studio she is renting, happily living a colorful life full of downfalls and uprisings, both hers and her new family's.

Featured in this pic: The adorable Mary Ann from :iconandrewdickman:'s Roomies.

Life In New Kirk (c) :iconherbie-and-company:
Okay, this is kinda annoying but..

Anybody else out there have site issues like mine? While I'm in the middle of posting an art, I get logged out and had to re-login again.

Is it just me? Does anybody else have this problem? IS DA acting up again? I already made a request so I hope I'll find out soon...


Herbie-and-Company's Profile Picture
Herbie and her Wonderful Friends
Wat Up? I'm the Herbal Princess and welcome to the Kingdom of The Olden Woods, an ancient forest surrounded by mythical critters and deities that really hates you! (lol, kidding, most of them hates you for ruining the planet. pfft)

I live on top of my own kingdom, a giant hollowed out tree stump turned greenhouse where I grow my "subjects" (average non-sentient fruits, veggies, grain and other plantables), inside a cottage with my Musician (the species, not the profession) husband Bit, my little sister Bloomette, my tomato butler Ben, my sidekick and experiment Zombie Man (literally a zombie man) and my wittle baby Onion Monster Chives! We also have Bloomette's exotically hot Coal Prince boyfriend, Edmund, visit us occasionally, along with some other lovable weirdos...

We're technically a family, luving each other and whatnot, and we have adventures 24/7, in varying levels of craziness. Ever seen a volcano erupt with hamsters instead of lava? We'd seen that...

Go ahead and ask us some Qs! We'll be happy to answer it all...or not...yeah, we'll try and answer it all! Just not immediately! ^^;

I'f you wanna know the main man behind me, check out :iconhewhowalksdeath: for more non-question related art!...which is mostly crap...

Under Construction Yo!

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