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Life In New Kirk: A Posse by Herbie-and-Company
Life In New Kirk: A Posse
As you can see, some certain girls are getting developed. These three lovely new gals are Eddie's best buds, who all she met at her college.  They're kinda geeky and weird, but life's always livelier that way.

So without further delay, here be the gal pals:

- Jenny Craven
Age: 21 years old
Course: Acting

Jennifer "Jenny" Craven is a tall, brown, and very well-endowed Fur of unknown species, a fact due she is from a line known for mixed-species marriages since the 1940s. (Though her friends suspects she may be a meerkat/weasel mix, Jenny admits that her family "lost count" of what she is supposed to be.)

A large part of her appeal is from her curvy figure and her unusual back fur pattern, shallow advantages that makes up for her ditzy nature. Though while she is known to possess the innocence of a young girl and the wits of a slightly older young girl, she's not as easy to take advantage on if it wasn't for her loyal (and patient) friends.

Ever supportive and loves to give hugs, she always look at things on a positive vibe, making her the most enthusiastic and the liveliest of her peers. She currently lives with her petite and bookish friend Bebe, an Albino field mouse Fur, and keeps a pet Mantis Shrimp named Chip. 

-Bebe Hillman
Age: 22
Course: Creative Writing

Though she may not look like it, Bebe is the oldest of the group and often tries acts like it if she hasn't confined herself to her bedroom, thinking up stories to write.

She is a partial-albino field mouse and as far as she can tell, Eddie, Meg and Jenny are her only true friends and values them more than anything in the world, even if she doesn't show it. (Though, her friends can easily tell since they three are the only people she talks to freely)

She does try to break from her own comfort zone but her fears of being rejected and ridiculed sometimes holds her back. Thankfully, she is currently living with Jenny, an irony seeing the girl is everything Bebe isn't but with the tall Fur's lively nature influencing the mouse's would-be quite and lonely life, her friends took notice of the improvements.

A little known fact Bebe kept from her friends is that she has an online penpal that she engaged with for three years now and starting to grow a bit of crush on. She, however, feared meeting him in real life as she believed he might be disappointed seeing how plain she is compared to her "chest-heavy" friends.

-Megumi "Meg" Ryoko
Age: 20
Course: Fine Arts

Eddie's most trusted friend and housemate, Megumi is a Japanese-American who moved to Ohio in hopes of studying animation abroad.

She's a talented artist who loves to design backgrounds and character designs but is prone to artist blocks. She remedy this by hanging out with her friends and hopes their crazy antics would inspire her to draw.

Meg likes to think of herself as the annoying sister of the group, claiming that it'll be her life long mission to keep things as lively as possible "for the benefit of her art (and everybody else)" thus it her "right" to bug everyone. However, even though most of her ideas leads to some sort of trouble, she does have her moments when she ended up making everything work out for her friends, almost by luck.

One of her "unofficial" skills is that she thinks she's in a comic. So expect a lot of art where she breaks the wall...

Artist Notes:
- Jenny's breasts are bigger than October's.
- Bebe's Penpal crush is related to one of the main characters
- Megumi is actually a character originally created and posted back at my original account :iconhewhowalksdeath: and was first seen here at this account.
- Chip the Mantis Shrimp is out for everyone's soul. This is how he sees the world...

Life In New Kirk (c) :iconherbie-and-company:
The Music Tag: Life In New Kirk by Herbie-and-Company
The Music Tag: Life In New Kirk
Tagged by:iconsherbertdreams:

Originally, this was going to be a journal post but I got creative and started visualizing my OCs interacting with the songs in my player.

SO, in case you wanted to listen, here be the songs:

1. Best Day of my Life- American Authors (Doesn't this song makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside?)
2. (I Ain't) Mising You- Matt Dahan (I think this cover is a little better than the original. There's more feels to it. Also, this was played in Warm Bodies, that one zombie movie I owe an apology...)
3. Totally Stupid- Andrew WK (I consider this as my anthem. "Nuff Said)
4. Dancing In The Street- David Bowie and Mick Jagger (Why? Cuz it's mother-effin David Bowie and Mick Jagger! That's why!)
5. The Mother We Share- CHVRCHES (I'm never big on hipster music but Chvrches seems to had made an impact for me.)

OCs featured:
1. Cracker and Muffy, respectively
2. October Falls
3. Davis Loucka and Lou
4. Autumn McCrea
5. Eddie Duncan

Also available: Herbie and Company

All songs belong to their respective owners
art and characters (c) :iconherbie-and-company:
The Music Tag: Herbie and Company by Herbie-and-Company
The Music Tag: Herbie and Company
Tagged by:iconsherbertdreams:

Originally, this was going to be a journal post but I got creative and started visualizing my OCs interacting with the songs in my player.

SO, in case you wanted to listen, here be the songs:

1. The Ballroom Blitz- The Sweet (Encountered this song at an episode of Regular Show. Been jamming to it every time I needed to be motivated, since)
2. Party Hard- Andrew WK (No brony should skip this guy. NOPONY!)
3. Watch her Dance- Leroy Gomez (I may have misheard some lyrics. This song is so obscured yet so sexah!)
4. As The World Falls Down- David Bowie (Not my favorite song from the cult movie Labyrinth (1986), but it is sweet enough to hum to)
5. Come and Get Your Love- Redbone (Guardians of the Galaxy! I blame your for this catchy tune!)

OCs featured:
1. Patty Panwilder and Quips
2. The Porcelain Princess (AKA "Porcie") and her penguin chick, Chickpea.
3. Queen Herbie and King Bit Springsong
4. Pepper, Chives the baby onion monster, Nelson and a Labyrinth worm (cuz the Labyrinth worm is adorable!)
5. Edmund, the Coal Prince

Also available: Life in New Kirk

All songs belong to their respective owners
art and characters (c) :iconherbie-and-company:
...Cuz I'm planning some changes in this account!

(insert dramatic music and Chives going :icondramaticgopherplz:)


Herbie-and-Company's Profile Picture
Herbie and her Wonderful Friends
Wat Up? I'm the Herbal Princess and welcome to the Kingdom of The Olden Woods, an ancient forest surrounded by mythical critters and deities that really hates you! (lol, kidding, most of them hates you for ruining the planet. pfft)

I live on top of my own kingdom, a giant hollowed out tree stump turned greenhouse where I grow my "subjects" (average non-sentient fruits, veggies, grain and other plantables), inside a cottage with my Musician (the species, not the profession) husband Bit, my little sister Bloomette, my tomato butler Ben, my sidekick and experiment Zombie Man (literally a zombie man) and my wittle baby Onion Monster Chives! We also have Bloomette's exotically hot Coal Prince boyfriend, Edmund, visit us occasionally, along with some other lovable weirdos...

We're technically a family, luving each other and whatnot, and we have adventures 24/7, in varying levels of craziness. Ever seen a volcano erupt with hamsters instead of lava? We'd seen that...

Go ahead and ask us some Qs! We'll be happy to answer it all...or not...yeah, we'll try and answer it all! Just not immediately! ^^;

I'f you wanna know the main man behind me, check out :iconhewhowalksdeath: for more non-question related art!...which is mostly crap...

Under Construction Yo!

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