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Life In New Kirk: A BIG HERO 6 Screening by Herbie-and-Company
Life In New Kirk: A BIG HERO 6 Screening
Pffft, Yuri's just jealous that he had to carry all of their snacks and can't join in the fun. Maybehecanbeforetheyleavethetheater?

Anywho, guess who just saw Big Hero 6 last Sunday? Still can't believe how Disney pulled off a kid-friendly version of this little known Marvel team but hey, it kinda works! (especially Honey Lemon!) 

Not sure if any of Disney's and/or Marvel's marketing bigheads had pulled off a life-sized huggable Baymax balloon replica, though...

Big Hero 6 (c) Disney/Marvel
Life In New Kirk (c) :iconherbie-and-company:
Life In New Kirk: The Land Lady by Herbie-and-Company
Life In New Kirk: The Land Lady
Meanwhile, in Lou's Head:

Crom! I have never prayed to you. I haven't got the tongue for it. But I know that valor pleases you so grant me this request! Help me not say anything that will get me and my friend in inescapable trouble so we shall walk out of this she-demon's office unscathe!

And if you do not listen, THEN TO HELL WITH YOU!

Mrs. Strawman: ...Your silence is always reassuring, Lou.


And so here we got another recycled character from my old account! The formerly laidback (and chesty) is now stern, no-nonsense, sharp-tongued and married!

Here be her bio:

Natalie Strawman- A 28-years old grey house cat Fur of mixed species, and Lou and October's landlord. Apparently stern enough to keep Lou acting straight and mature in her presence, her personality is a result of an abusive relationship with her ex-husband back when she's living ten states away from her current home, something that also resulted to her losing one of her legs.

A friend of hers (and soon to be her current husband) reported the abuse and helped her file their separation papers, Natalie eventually moved away with him and started a new life together.

Even if she doesn't show it, Natalie does care about her clients. It's just that she finds it hard trusting strangers with their responsibilities, one of a few reasons why she checks their backgrounds first and keeps a strict monthly house inspection.

Has a playful side with her husband and would love to have children of their own in the future.

Life In New Kirk (c) :iconherbie-and-company:
TF Windblade by Herbie-and-Company
TF Windblade
Guess who just read his very first Transformers comic, yeah, you read it right. FIRST. I suck even as a dork...and became an instant fan of its titular fembot? 

Totes awesome story with equally awesome art and characters! (Waspinator's just adorable!) And then there's Windblade, a Cityspeaker from another planet investigating a possible sabotage!

Read it if you're a TF Fan and visit the artist's page if you have the time! :iconfayrenpickpocket:

Transformers (c) Hasbro
art (c) :iconherbie-and-company:
...Cuz I'm planning some changes in this account!

(insert dramatic music and Chives going :icondramaticgopherplz:)
...Cuz I'm planning some changes in this account!

(insert dramatic music and Chives going :icondramaticgopherplz:)


Herbie-and-Company's Profile Picture
Herbie and her Wonderful Friends
Wat Up? I'm the Herbal Princess and welcome to the Kingdom of The Olden Woods, an ancient forest surrounded by mythical critters and deities that really hates you! (lol, kidding, most of them hates you for ruining the planet. pfft)

I live on top of my own kingdom, a giant hollowed out tree stump turned greenhouse where I grow my "subjects" (average non-sentient fruits, veggies, grain and other plantables), inside a cottage with my Musician (the species, not the profession) husband Bit, my little sister Bloomette, my tomato butler Ben, my sidekick and experiment Zombie Man (literally a zombie man) and my wittle baby Onion Monster Chives! We also have Bloomette's exotically hot Coal Prince boyfriend, Edmund, visit us occasionally, along with some other lovable weirdos...

We're technically a family, luving each other and whatnot, and we have adventures 24/7, in varying levels of craziness. Ever seen a volcano erupt with hamsters instead of lava? We'd seen that...

Go ahead and ask us some Qs! We'll be happy to answer it all...or not...yeah, we'll try and answer it all! Just not immediately! ^^;

I'f you wanna know the main man behind me, check out :iconhewhowalksdeath: for more non-question related art!...which is mostly crap...

Under Construction Yo!

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